About Haskè Ventures

Haskè Ventures’ mission is to
build and co-create companies from
ideation to Series A financing.

Francophone Africa is ripe with high-potential business opportunities. However, the lack of access to sufficient capital and support creates a difficult environment for entrepreneurs to thrive. Our focus is on building scalable, sustainable and profitable businesses in Francophone Africa.

We are focused on transforming the start-up landscape in Francophone Africa. Our goal is to support entrepreneurs by bridging the gap between ideas and growth stage ventures.

With several decades of experience in entrepreneurship and the private sector, combined with an understanding of the economic growth needs of the region in which we live, we identify and scale startups in Francophone Africa. We equip ventures in this high-potential region with all the ingredients for success.

We are
Authentic Bold Motivated Fun Ambitious Entrepreneurial Innovative Disruptive


Businesses, like entrepreneurs, are unique. We take a tailored approach to venture building. We are conscious that it takes more than money to build a successful business. From strategy to seed capital and implementation, our innovative model allows us to walk the journey with entrepreneurs.

With an understanding of Francophone Africa, its immense opportunities and its nuances, we have started the work of building successful businesses in this high-potential region. Our work is to ensure investors get return on investment.

Creating an ecosystem in which entrepreneurs can thrive requires all hands on deck. The potential for building successful businesses in Francophone Africa is immense yet untapped. With capital and support, the ventures in which we invest can yield great returns.

With the global landscape changing at such a rapid pace, entrepreneurship is a viable option for professional growth and personal success. Through a highly selective process, we work with the most promising entrepreneurs to ensure their businesses succeed.

Our approach

Haskè Ventures’ added-value model supports start-ups with seed capital and venture building, including strategy, talent and operational support. Our pipeline is generated via an innovation model and a co-creation model.

2–3 months (2x yearly)
  • Match Phase:
  • - Find co-founders
    - Define focus area / industry
  • Hatch Phase:
  • - Problem definition
    - Ideation, experimentation, testing
3–6 months
  • Problem definition
  • Ideation, experimentation, testing
  • Recruiting
  • Talent sourcing
  • Co-creation events
  • Research and Development
12-18 months
  • Diagnostic sprint
  • Tailored launch sprints
  • Incorporation
  • Beginning of operations
  • Investment readiness
  • Team
  • Proof-of-concept (POC) & User Testing
  • Validated value proposition
  • Clear market opportunity
2–3 months (2x yearly)
  • Scale sprints
  • Target group research
  • Market testing
  • Product development
  • Partnership
  • MVP
  • Early Product-Market-Fit (PMF)
  • Post-revenue
  • High-quality team

Our support

Haskè Ventures offers a comprehensive package for venture building tailored to the needs of each entrepreneur.

A data driven methodology to help founders rapidly find their product-market fit

Minimum financial safety net to attract talented founders, professionals, and students into entrepreneurship

Business development support function focused on helping founders reach KPIs for series A

Access to top class project management, financial management and IT expertise, and coaching from day 1

Access to world class legal and tax expertise from day 1

Access to world class accounting services from day 1

Ventures we are supporting

Who we are

  • Birame Sock
    Co-founder and CTO

    Birame is a tech visionary with over 20 years of experience as a technologist, entrepreneur and high-level executive with a key focus on digital media. She developed the first-ever music recognition solution launched in the United States and Canada, a mobile service that would later be known as Shazam worldwide. Birame was intimately involved in the development of a digital media strategy for major entertainment brands such as American Idol, Elvis Presley and Muhammad Ali.

    She recently founded Kweli, a new B2B wholesale sourcing marketplace for products made in Africa. She was the Winner of the 2010 Cartier Women’s Initiative Award for North America.

  • Madji Sock
    Co-founder and President

    Madji is a seasoned entrepreneur and senior business executive. Her track record includes setting up a consulting firm in West Africa starting in Senegal and expanding to three other countries in the region; launching and managing a chain of coffee shops in Dakar; and co-founding the Women’s Investment Club Senegal including WIC Capital, a fund focused on women-owned ventures in Senegal and Côte d‘Ivoire.

    Madji is also a co-founder of an incubator in Dakar. She has designed numerous programs and initiatives to strengthen the private sector, drive policy changes and build partnerships.

  • Abdourahmane Diop
    Co-founder and CEO

    As a venture capitalist, Abdourahmane has led numerous company valuations and due diligence of SAAS startups, and advised on investment in equity and quasi-equity at pre-seed and seed levels.

    As an investment advisor and banker, he structured several deals, including a USD30 million blended finance facility to construct a municipal water infrastructure in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and a USD200 million financing facility to scale the Dual Purpose Poultry business model in Africa.

    Abdourahmane has conducted projects in more than 30 countries in Africa, South-East Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the USA.

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